Blue Jeans Forever

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Things come in and out of style every single year. There is a fad which makes its way through the halls of the country’s middle and high schools and there are styles which make their way through the corridors of every elementary school in the country. Numerous times these trends are linked to fashion and clothing.

There have been some crazy fads through the years, from bell bottoms in the seventies to tight rolled jeans in the eighties; it is either one extreme or another. One thing that has never been considered an extreme, or at least has not been in a long time, is blue jeans. I guess that when they first began getting popular in the fifties, those adults and the older generations connected them with misfits and gangs. If you wore a crisp pair of dark blue jeans with the cuffs rolled, you were almost certainly making a statement.

Over the years and as they became a more accepted part of daily dress, the bad associations went with the older generation and as the young crowd grew up and become parents of their own children, they saw nothing inappropriate with the blue jeans as a fashion statement. They probably didn’t prefer the ripped pants and the bell bottoms, because they were different, but they really were merely blue jeans and everybody should have at least one pair of them.

You need something to relax in on the weekend; there's only so many pairs of khakis that you can wear before you go crazy. What was once a fashion statement became part of the mainstream, although unlike many other fashions that finally make it into the mainstream, blue jeans never became embarrassing to wear.

Most fashion styles that start off on the fringe and finally break through into daily life have the likelihood to lose all of their appeal to the younger generation that actually originated the trend. As soon as you start seeing it on television or movies, it has usually passed its prime coolness. And if you start seeing adults, people over the age of 30 with kids of their own doing it or wearing it, you can practically guarantee it has lost all of its edge and coolness.

The only thing that seems to rival that trend is blue jeans, and even though many different varieties have come in and out of fashion over the years, a basic pair is still as cool as it ever was.

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Blue Jeans Forever

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This article was published on 2010/08/10