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These Carhartt jeans are meant for the younger generation who still work. They help to give this generation looks which will wow off the rest of the people at the work sites. This collection has stock jeans which have fits which are updates and also different styles of washes too. Hence it makes the jean more attractive to the newer generation but it also has the functionalities which are required for work.

# B307 Mens Series 1889 Slim fit Jeans with a Straight Leg

This is one of the jeans from the 1889 series and it is a slim fit jeans plus it is completely stylish and is also very durable. This is made out of 13.5 ounces and is 100 per cent cotton demin. It also sits below your natural waist and it even has a very slim fit which is at the thigh and also at the seat. The leg openings are 18 inches long and there are also two back pockets. There is also a heritage logo of the Carhartt Company in the front button. This jean is going to take you back around $ 60.

# B310 Mens Series 1889 Relaxed Fit Jean with a Boot Cut

This jean from the series of 1889 jeans has a boot cut leg which helps to provide you with comfort as well as style. It again is made from 13.5 ounces along with a one hundred per cent cotton demin and also like the previous jeans; the waist of this also sits below your natural waist. It even has a relaxed fitting in the seat as well as the thigh and the leg openings here are of 19 inches. It again has the back pockets, two of them and also the Carhartt logo front button. This jeans is a lot cheaper compared of the previous mentioned Carhartt demin jeans as it will take you only $ 50 for this.

# B311 Men's Series 1889 Loose Fit Jeans with a Straight Leg

This is the most comfortable jeans which are available in the Carhartt 1889 series. This jean is made out of 11.7 ounces which is less than the previous jeans but rest assure that it is of a 100 per cent cotton demin. Again like the previous two this also sits below your natural waist. The fitting at the seat and also at the thigh is very loose. The leg openings are of 20 inches. This jean also like the other two comes with the two pockets at the back. Plus at the front button you will find the Carhartt logo.

So if you want to get a pair jeans which look good and which also help to serve your purpose at work then this series of Carhartt jeans is the one which you are looking for. These jeans will help to keep you in check with the latest trend but then they are also reliable and once you buy one you will find that they last you for a lifetime.
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Carhartt 1889 Jeans

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This article was published on 2010/10/06