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Finding the right jeans can sometimes be an experience of horror, especially if you tend heavier on the side. Know how to dress for your body shape can do wonders for your wardrobe and do your shopping experience a joyful fast activity, instead of the shock self-critical. There are four forms of the main part, apple, pear, rectangular, and hourglass. Each character has to run its own characteristics and rules and not to do. While the hourglass figure is the most coveted, each bag comes with its blessings and struggles. Be honest with yourself you will help in defining its form only, to learn more about your body type and fashion advice to suit your shape.

Jeans for apple-shaped
The upper body is larger in proportion to the body, then lower. They broke hermes birkin bag replica wide shoulders and a large general practice. The back tends to be flat on one side, but his legs are fine. If the weight gain tends to go on your waist. Slacks or jeans to make longer and thinner. Bright jeans is like the thighs and legs added. You want to stay away from that simple patterns. And cut off shoots are also good. Wear high heels (if you know how to walk in them) add height and balance your body. Embroidered on the bag or large back pockets can add thickness, if you have a background. Stay away from very large pockets on the back, it's just your flat buttocks. They want your money too bright in color, then the top to add a balanced silhouette.

Jeans for pear-shaped
They tend to gain more weight on the lower and upper body significantly smaller than the lower. They have narrow shoulders and back torso, usually small and medium-sized with curves of things, paris hermes and calves together. Make sure your jeans are always dark. This does not mean black married, make sure the lower part is darker than the upper. Stay away from models to attract attention and to ever larger curves and more curves. Stay away from hard shorts shape embroidery on back pockets. High-waisted pants are the Junk in the trunk look bigger. Funds go to Middle-and low-rise, so that the hips appear slimmer. Epidemic or boot cut is the best.

Jeans rectangle
While the belt can not be defined, you tend to have thick arms and legs. The measurement of the hips and shoulders are balanced with a straight trunk. His bust is normal and they tend to have a broad back. If you tend to gain weight, go to the belly and thighs. Boot cut straight and a perfect fit for this form. Since this form usually comes with a flat bottom and tried to define jeans pans or large bag, or to help with fins, the context and find them look fuller. Wide-leg jeans are very flattering and create more curves like this. Rectangles can also rock skinny jeans or pants, depending on its construction.

Jeans for Hourglass
Upper and lower body is generally equal to the measure. They have a small size, very close in. You will be stopped completely and tend to be curvy. You have beautiful legs with wide shoulders, balanced on her hips. The hourglass figure can wear almost any type of pants. Flared jeans or wide, are an excellent choice for this form. If you are on the side trim, tight jeans to work so well. You can also high-waisted pants, you remember that you look the bigger waves, so if that's the look you're going to do this dish. High-waisted pants can also help the "muffin top". If you are heavier in size in the middle of the jeans are the best. Low-rise jeans are great, as long as it is your upper body more than the bottom half. Play with the options, taking into account their age, weight and style.

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Jeans For your Shape

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Jeans For your Shape

This article was published on 2011/07/27