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Trend of low rise jeans

It seems that the low rise jeans are here to stay. The trend that is so popular with the teenage boys and girls today, started in late 1990s and reached pinnacle when the popular pop star Britney Spear wore one of these jeans in her music album.

How do you wear low rise jeans?

As the name suggests, these jeans rest below the waist. It can be said that these jeans are working against the gravitational force and cannot be worn without belt since the waist does not support the jeans. Generally, low waist jeans will be 3 inches below the waist. But, super low waist jeans are gaining popularity. The zipper in these jeans is just about an inch and a half. The zipper is more of a fashion statement rather than a utility.

Popular varieties of low rise jeans:

Brazilian jeans: These jeans are stretchable and give comfort to the wearer, due to it's property to stretch. These also fit well to the curves of the body and are very popular with the girls.

Super low rise jeans: These jeans rest at about 6 inches below the waist are particularly famous with the younger generation. However, it may not be possible for many to carry these jeans well, for obvious reasons. The trend is to wear these jeans with muscle shirt.

Accessories of low rise jeans

Since it is impossible to keep these jeans in place without a belt, thick belts came in vogue. These belts give a feel of a rock star and are popular both with boys and girls. Secondly, since the back and navel are visible in the jeans, it gave rise to the trend of tattoos- again an inspiration from the rock stars. The trend of tattoos is popular both amongst boys and girls. While the girls get tattooed below the navel as well as on the lower back, boys get tattooed on the lower back. These jeans also gave rise to the trend of naval piercing. While tattoos look attractive, both on male as well as females, one need to be careful about the dyes and chemicals used in tattoos as well as the needle used for piercing. There are chances of getting infected, or you may be allergic to certain dyes and chemicals.

Like wise, the trend of low rise thong was set in females, as normal panties could no longer be used in these jeans.

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Low Rise Jeans

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This article was published on 2010/03/30