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We all know that the wearer look like a pair of jeans is an undeniable macho, and that makes them look stronger and able to perform the work at hand. Now you can combine safety with machismo. Some manufacturers of workwear have come with flame resistant jeans, and they create big waves in work clothes. With this flame resistant jeans, you can look sexy and yet at the fire-related hazards to the workplace.

The flame resistant jeans are flame retardant by a mark of fireproof material, such as Indura Ultra Soft announced. This material is prepared by mixing 88% cotton and 12% of high-strength nylon. The Indura Ultra Soft material that is used in the manufacture of flame resistant jeans is guaranteed to be flame retardant for the life of the garment. It can protect the wearer from fire caused by lightning, random splashes of molten metal and risks of flame during welding.
At the same time, the flame resistant jeans are perfectly acceptable. In spite of the material to be used for special flame-retardant properties, the weight of these jeans only 14.75 ounces, which equals the normal jeans. The fabric feels soft to the touch, to produce the wear and no scratches on the skin or skin rash as a cheap jeans can make materials. This is the reason why they are exactly suited for workwear.
Available sizes are 30-54, which is required on all possible areas for the working men and women. Above that, the flame resistant jeans loose seat so that there is more freedom of movement while working for long hours. The thighs are kept in a loose fit for this reason. The legs of the jeansopen with seven inches, which may use a bit more than the tight jeans teens normally, but the design is held so that the flame resistant jeans can be fit very nicely on the work boots and do not extend to those areas.
Then the security in the jeans will be processed in other ways. Instead of a button, which would be sewn together with threads (not suitable for flame resistance), the waist is fitted with a quick release button made of flame resistant material. This protects the keys from the burning fire in the event of an accident. Also, the zipper is made of brass, and acquainted with tape on the fly with Nomex flame resistant material. It provides comprehensive protection for the wearer in any part of the jeans. In addition, the flame resistant jeans are cheap and easily washed at home with normal detergent. This makes them practically.
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Sexy Flame Resistant Jeans For You

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Sexy Flame Resistant Jeans For You

This article was published on 2011/11/14