Should Men Wear a Suit Jacket with Jeans?

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Mens jeans are one of the hallmarks of all men’s fashion, as they are worn on so many different occasions.  Many people consider mens jeans to be the ultimate in casual comfort, but they can also be dressed up and worn in more upscale scenarios.  Designer jeans are one type that may be worn in more than casual surroundings, but a man doesn’t have to rely on only designer jeans when he wants to dress it up a little.  Some men like to wear a suit jacket with jeans, and although doing so isn’t taboo as fat as men’s fashion is concerned, you should follow some basic rules if you want to give it a try.  
Whether or not you should wear the two together depends largely on the type of jacket you want to wear and the type of jeans you want to wear.  You’ll want a suit jacket that could pass as a blazer or sport jacket in order for it all to work.  Lean toward two or three buttons, single breasted with three pockets and peak or notch lapels. Two pockets should be on the hips and one on the left breast.  It’s also imperative that the jacket fit you properly.  If it is too long, too loose or too tight, forget about it altogether.  Jackets in navy, black, grey, charcoal or tweed can all work as a sport coat to wear with mens jeans.  
After you’ve determined that the jacket passes the men’s fashion test, it’s time to move along to the jeans.  Darker jeans like designer jeans will add a sense of formality to the outfit, or you can choose a darker shade of mens jeans that don’t have the designer label and still pull it off.  You can wear jeans with a lighter tone, but make sure you don’t change the look into something too casual and avoid wearing any with rips and tears.  Also, make sure your jeans fit you properly if you’re going to wear them with a suit jacket.  
This means avoiding men jeans that hang down too low or are too loose.  Try to fit your designer jeans or other jeans in a similar way to how dress pants would fit you.  You’ll want them to be comfortable, but relatively close to your body. If your waist is bigger than your chest, the mens jeans and suit jacket may not work for you.  
Naturally, the occasion has a lot to do with whether or not you should wear mens jeans with a suit jacket.  Whether you wear a basic pair of jeans or the most expensive designer jeans, they are still an informal piece of clothing.  You might pass the men’s fashion test as far as the look goes, but the occasion might still put your plans on the shelf.  If a suit isn’t expected to be worn by everyone at the event, feel free to try your jeans and suit jacket idea.  If jeans and a nice dress shirt would do, your suit jacket and jeans will actually be a little dressier than most. 
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Should Men Wear a Suit Jacket with Jeans?

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This article was published on 2012/05/13