Tips on Bleaching Denims Jeans

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If you love the look of bleached denim but not the price tag, consider making your own. This guide will help you learn what you need to know to bleach your jeans.

Make sure you know the technique thoroughly before moving on. You should try out your technique on an old pair of jeans first before moving on to a brand new pair. You can test the effects of bleach using a piece of denim or blue jeans, though they don't have to be blue. Think about using different tools such as a toothbrush or a sponge dipped in bleach water. Another trick is that even some elastic bands tied around the jean legs can create unusual effects on the denim when bleaching. Just have all your techniques down pat before you go anywhere near your good jeans with the bleach.

Work in an uncrowded, uncluttered, and open space. Bleach is really quite a potent and dangerous product. It is not something you want to inhale, and spills are dangerous and damaging. It is a good idea to work outside to bleach jeans, however a well ventilated garage is acceptable. Make sure you have free flowing air and an area that won't be damaged if you spill something. For safety's sake, you make choose to wear disposable gloves and eye protection.

If there are areas that you do not want to bleach make sure they are covered. It is quite possible that you may find parts of your blue jeans that you wish not to bleach.  You can keep certain areas of your jeans in the solid original color. Stuffing newspaper into the jeans is what needs to be done. The legs should look like those of a scarecrow. If you stuff enough absorbent material into the legs of your jeans, you can apply bleach to the front of the jeans without the worry of it soaking through to the back.

Put the jeans flat out. In order to bleach your jeans and have them come out looking the way you want them to, you need to think of yourself as an artist and your jeans as your canvas. The jeans should be in front of you, lying flat in order to bleach the parts that you desire or even better: pin them up on the clothesline to work on them.

Bleaching the jeans. After the preparation of the jeans, bleaching can begin. To begin, first mix bleach and water in a bucket - it is okay to use a 2:1 ratio). If you wish to achieve a splattered look you can use a spray bottle to apply the bleach or just dip your tool of choice into the bucket and start bleaching. Work quickly and evenly to create a smooth but still funky bleached look.

Rinse your jeans within five minutes. Once the jeans get bleach on them it is important to rinse them soon. You should not leave bleach on denim for more than five minutes, so do the bleaching process quickly and rinse them off with a hose. Do a machine wash of each pair of jeans separately. After they dry, you'll be able to try on your jeans, and see if you like the bleached look.

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Tips on Bleaching Denims Jeans

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This article was published on 2010/04/02